Every Space

SyncArena automatically adapts to every environment and enables Free Roam VR at any location: Utilize every corner with maximum flexibility as a play space with SyncArena!

Unused space? Objects in the room? Round areas?
No problem!

SyncArena offers flexible, auto-adaptive and fun multiplayer Free Roam VR attractions that instantly convert any space into an engaging gaming experience.​

Flexible & Optimized Space Usage

Transform any location into a Free Roam VR arena with no setup costs, integrating the entire environment effortlessly without spatial requirements.

Engaged & Excited Players

Our diverse games create a social, engaging, and interactive playspace, ensuring fun and replayability for everyone.

Easy to Operate

Automatic adaptation to environment in minutes, user-friendly interface, operator system, comprehensive cost control, and spectator mode.

No Upfront Costs & High ROI

No setup costs, affordable pricing, maximize space usage, ideal for high-throughput and pop-up locations.

For Every Industry

From arcade halls to VR-based entertainment venues, family centers, trampoline parks, shopping malls, and corporate events, SyncArena delivers unmatched fun tailored to each unique location and audience.

No Space Requirements

SyncArena eliminates traditional space constraints of VR Turn-Key solutions. Whether you want to use an entryway, a play area, indoors, outdoors, cluttered or clear - SyncArena adapts to your space exactly as it is.

Customized to
Your Space in Minutes

Operators can easily scan their environment, capturing every object. SyncArena then seamlessly overlays itself like a second skin, offering a tailored VR experience at the cost and effort of a standard turn-key solution.

Minimal Hardware Requirements

VR headsets, Wi-Fi, and a laptop or PC are all you need. Our operator system manages device setup, spectator viewing, and billing, simplifying the process to bring flexible fun to any location. If you don’t yet have the necessary equipment, you can start with less than $2,000 and set up a 4-player VR arena in just a few hours. If you already have the equipment, you can start with SyncArena for free.

Add fun
to your space

SyncArena is designed to deliver immersive entertainment across a diverse range of environments and requirements, seamlessly integrating any space.

Our Games

SyncArena is full of immersive fun for different tastes and target groups. Our focus is on team play, movement, interaction and replayability, with more games coming soon!

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Express Route!

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Open questions left in the room?

We and the community will help you on Discord!

From room to playspace

How SyncArena can turn any environment into a customized VR arcade arena in just a few steps thanks to auto-adaptive Mixed Reality:

Excited Operators & Users Ahead

Easy operation thanks to operator system, spectator view for bystanders and credit system plus higher profits through optimal use of your areas. At the same time, excited users thanks to higher immersion and playing fun!

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Start with 100 free sessions!

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"SyncArena stands out with its adaptability, ease of use and library of games built for location-based entertainment from the ground up. The days of not having enough room for Free Roam VR are gone - SyncArena is the future."
"Sharing virtual spaces was incredibly captivating and immersive for me."
"I was impressed by how intuitive the setup was. The game's wave-based structure is both fun and highly competitive, making it a perfect addition to any party or event."
Jennifer Poythress, The Rabbit Hole VR
MIXED editorial team
Val LaserGo

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